Important Announcements:

PHA Annual Plan: Clermont MHA Annual Plan

PHA 5 Year Plan: Clermont MHA 5 year plan

ACOP Summary of Changes: Clermont MHA ACOP

Administrative Plan Summary Changes: Clermont MHA Admin Plan Summary of Changes

Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan: Clermont MHA HCV Administrative Plan

Public Housing ACOP Plan: Clermont MHA Public Housing ACOP

Information and Resources for Tenants During Covid-19

Preventing Evictions: Information for HCV Landlords

HUD waiver for website 12/03/2020

Landlord Outreach Application Form

ALA Freedom From Smoking Participant Instructions

Application Update Form

Lawn Care Quote


Exhibit A Form HUD 5370

  • The Emergency Contact Number has changed. If you need after hours assistance, please call: 513-515-6666
  • Effective August 1, 2018, all CMHA owned units will become SMOKE FREE in accordance with HUD policy 24 CFR 965 and 966

Waiting Lists:

Low Rent over 62

Low Rent 5 Bedroom

New Richmond 3, 4 & 5 Bedrooms

HCV Non-Elderly Disabled


Board Meetings:

December 2020 Board Meeting Cancelation

2021 Board Meeting Schedule