Incentive Program (expires 10/31/2021)

CMHA is pleased to announce that we are increasing the Landlord Incentive Bonus starting May 1st!  The program has been a great success and we want to continue to stimulate lease up through the end of 2021.  Any landlord executing a new contract for a participating HCV family moving into a new unit is eligible to collect this additional COVID-19 Bonus.  All that needs to be done is the landlord simply completes the Landlord COVID-19 Bonus Application  (see the link below) when you return the HAP Contracts to our agency.  The payment will be issued within 30 days.


Housing a HCV Participant

Housing a VASH Participant

Bedroom Size Old Bonus Amount New Bonus Amount Old Bonus Amount New Bonus Amount
0 or 1 300 600 300 900
2 400 800 400 1,200
 3 500 1,000 500 1,500
4+ 600 1,200 600 1,800

See attached form – Landlord Outreach Application Form