COVID Information

Clermont Metropolitan Housing Authority
Statement concerning COVID-19
March 18, 2020

General Information: We are monitoring this situation on a day-to-day basis and will respond and adjust how we operate based on instructions that may be issued by local, state and federal officials. Significant changes in operations will be posted here, as timely as possible.
Beginning March 18, the office is only open for employee access. There is no customer access to the lobby. All customer communication is being handled by phone, email, or postal service mail. Rent checks and other paperwork can still be delivered using the drop-slot in the main door at the office.

Payment of Rent:

Clermont Housing Corporation units: Unless the State of Ohio or Federal government issues an order or instructions to waive the payment of rent or to permit a delay in the payment of rent, all rents will be due as usual; late payment penalties will apply; and eviction notices for nonpayment of rent will be issued. We have no flexibility in this matter.

HUD Housing – Voucher holders, Project Based units and Public Housing: If you have a change in employment because of businesses affected by COVID-19, please send verification to your Occupancy Specialist or Housing Manager as soon as possible. They will determine if an income change is warranted. Please also check with your employer to see if you can file for unemployment. This information can be faxed to 513-732-0851 or sent via email to

Other Important Information:
* Staff will use standard health safety precautions, including frequent handwashing, “social distancing”, staying at home if they feel ill or if someone in their home is ill with flu-like symptoms, etc.
* All applications, briefings, and other contact with customers will be conducted by phone, email, and by postal service mail. Staff will respond to calls as quickly as possible, but there may be delays.
* If in-person contact is required, staff will ask questions to determine whether a customer is ill, has been in close contact with someone who is ill, or who has been exposed to COVID-19.
* To the fullest extent possible, staff will work from home, with flex time for working in the office.
* Only emergency work orders will be completed by maintenance staff. Staff may not be able to perform emergency work orders, if a resident is displaying any form of flu-like symptoms.
* All housing inspections will be rescheduled and or postponed within the limits of HUD regulatory guidelines. Staff will not conduct an inspection, if a resident feels ill or is displaying any form of flu-like symptoms.